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Betty B. (Color) - Sandra Swan

Betty B. (Color)

$ 125.00

Betty B

The Betty B was built in the 1940's for Linus Dodge of Block Island and was part of the Block Island fishing fleet for a number of years. Eileen Lee, my friend and art dealer in the 60's and early 70's, asked me to locate the Betty B and make a woodcut of it. I finally located it on Cape Cod. I was at first dissapointed to find it out of the water and under repair. I quickly saw the graphic interest the figures and objects created. I drew the owner working on the boat. He suggested I put Linus in the picture. Linus at 92 was well and living on Block Island and agreed to pose for me. I wanted to include a third figure. I suggested to Linus that we add IFabion Allen, an Islander, to the picture. Linus was indignant and said, "Fabe's never been on my boat!" so we added his dog McGregor instead.

I dedicated the first print to the memory of Eileen Lee, who died shortly after her request. I presented the woodcut to the Block Island Historical Society. Linus and his family attended the reception.

The black and white print (also featured here as a limited edition giclee) has been printed on Susuki handmade Japanese paper and a special off-white handmade paper given to me by William Kent. It is printed on three pine boards, planed and butted together.

A full color print was developed and printed the following year. It was an eight block print. Thirty-two colors were mixed and printed. This edition is out of print.

  • Betty B 
  • 1985 
  • Limited Edition of 300 of each size
  • Signed and numbered by the artist