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Wynona Mulcaster's Horse - Sandra Swan

Wynona Mulcaster's Horse

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Wynona Mulcaster's Horse

The drawing for this woodcut was made in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. I had been looking a long time for an opportunity to make a woodcut of a horse with its blanket on because of the interesting lines and patterns, accentuating the form of the horse. Wynon Mulcaster, a Canadian artist living in Mexico, was enthusiastic about using her horse for my project. I always work from life when I make these drawings, so she held her horse for four different drawing sessions. She made the suggestion to have one hind leg in a relaxed position, so when I was drawing the hind feet she would push her weight against the horse's rump, in order to get the proper stance. 

Wynona Mulcaster's Horse is printed on Hangayoshi handmade paper. The print is made up of five blocks of wood.

  1. Wynona Mulcaster's Horse
  2. 42" x 78"
  3. 1984
  4. Edition of 50

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