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Yankee Ferrry Boat

Yankee Ferry Boat

$ 140.00

The Yankee was in service from New London, Connecticut in the 1960's when I first moved to Block Island. It was later used for the Providence-Block Island run. In 1976, I tracked it down to its winter stay over in New London. I made many full-length drawings of it in New London and at Block Island when it came in the Summer.

The Yankee was carved on an extraordinary 14' x 3 1/2' hard pine board, which I was able to cut into three separate blocks. I found the board under the stairway in a burned-out lumber yard in Providence. I had already carved the Yankee on another block which I discarded when I found this board. The hard grain gave a wonderful brightness and movement to the print.

The Yankee is a one-block woodcut. AN edition of 50 was printed between 1977 and 1990 on Tableau machine-made rice paper. A deluxe edition of 12 was printed on handmade Mashi Japanese Paper.